Free Winter Safety Check in 5 Easy Steps!

Ice, Ice, Baby. Winter is on its way and we don’t want you to get caught unprepared during the ever-changing Indiana weather.

With frigid temperatures, slick roads, and ice-covered windshields, preventative maintenance is extremely important. That’s why we are offering all of our guests a FREE Winter Safety Check which includes:

Antifreeze Check  Antifreeze is important in ALL temperatures because it’s responsible for keeping several expensive and important components lubricated. When temperatures drop below 32 degrees, however, it’s possible for antifreeze that is too weak or diluted to freeze. We will check your antifreeze level and let you know if your vehicle is in need of more.

Battery Test – We’ll test the strength of your battery since the cold weather hits your vehicle’s battery especially hard.

Tires – Dropping temperatures can result in dropping PSI. As part of our Winter Safety Check, we will check your tire pressure, adjusting the pressure if necessary, and do a visual inspection to let you know of any other potential problems noted.

Oil Requirements – Keeping your oil clean and at the proper level goes a long way in keeping your engine cool. We will check and let you know if your vehicle is in need of its next oil change.

Wiper Blades – Changing weather conditions, other environmental factors, and age cause your windshield wipers to deteriorate over time and interfering with a safe, clear view of the roadway ahead. We’ll visually inspect your wipers for you to make sure they are in good working condition.

The last thing we want is for you to get stranded unprepared in winter weather. Here are a few additional tips to keep you safe and warm!

Prepare your vehicle to handle whatever weather is thrown your way. Visit a central Indiana Jiffy Lube of Indiana location and let a technician know you’re there for a winter safety check. One of our experienced technicians will help you check this item off your to-do list. We’ll help you safely prepare for winter and get you back on the road. 

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