Cabin Air Sanitation

Five Jiffy Lube store locations have launched a new Cabin Air Sanitizer service, which uses a disinfecting solution and antimicrobial to kill or stop the growth of microorganisms like mold, mildew, bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

The Cabin Air Sanitizer service is commonly deployed to sanitize used cars and vehicles with smoke and/or mildew residue and other fungi. This service has NOT been shown to specifically impact the spread of COVID-19, but it IS alcohol-based and has been proven to kill more than 99% of germs and slow the spread of other viruses.

The perfect “hand sanitizer for your car,” the new Cabin Air Sanitizer service kills more than 99% of germs by using your vehicle’s A/C system to produce a mist that sanitizes all surfaces inside the vehicle.

At $69.99, Jiffy Lube of Indiana can complete the service in 15-20 minutes.

For a limited time, the installation of a new cabin air filter, if needed, is available for 50% off the regular cabin air filter price.

The Cabin Air Sanitizer service is now available at the following store locations:

  • FORT WAYNE —  Glenbrook (4334 Coldwater Rd)
  • SOUTH INDY — Greenwood Place Shopping Center (7965 US 31 S.)
  • WEST INDY — I-74 Exit in Brownsburg (1280 N. Green St)
  • NORTH INDY — 151st & Meridian (1840 E. 151st St)
  • SOUTHWEST INDY — Near Decatur High School (6322 W. Thompson Rd)

While Jiffy Lube is now encouraging guests to stay inside their vehicles during our Signature Service Oil Change, the Cabin Air Sanitizer service does require customers to step outside of their vehicles. Weather permitting, these services will be conducted outside of the building.

As with all services at Jiffy Lube, you never need an appointment and no other purchase is necessary.