Tire Rotation Service

Jiffy Lube Tire Rotation Service Keeps Your Car Rolling and Can Increase Your MPG!

Rotating your tires at regular intervals as recommended by the manufacturer will protect your tires against uneven tire wear when you’re tooling around in the Indianapolis area or other areas of the country. And we’ll adjust your tire pressure to recommended levels which can add to your car’s fuel economy by letting you drive on the correct tire air pressure. More miles per gallon are more dollars in your pocket.

Tire rotation helps protect tires against uneven wear by moving the tire location on the vehicle. Most tires will exhibit some form of wear based on numerous factors including wheel alignment, miles driven, driving style and habits, and tire location on the vehicle. By moving or “rotating” the tires as recommended by the vehicle manufacturers, tires may wear more evenly; helping extend the life of the tires.

Our service includes:

  • checking tire pressure
  • inspecting tires to identify visible damage or abnormal wear patterns
  • rotating tires according to the pattern recommended by the vehicle manufacturer
  • installing lug nuts/bolts to the proper torque specifications

†We recommend that the customer return within 500 miles of driving and Jiffy Lube will re-torque lug nuts/bolts free of charge.

This service is available at most Jiffy Lube locations in the Indy area and around the state of Indiana. Visit our Jiffy Lube Store Locator for specific addresses and phone numbers.