Real Questions about Jiffy Lube: Answered

Real Questions about Jiffy Lube: AnsweredMost FAQs articles are thinly veiled advertising fodder. But Jiffy Lube of Indiana isn’t your typical oil change shop, so this isn’t a typical FAQs post.

We took some of the REAL reasons people give for not wanting to visit Jiffy Lube and posed them to Steve Sanner (Owner, Jiffy Lube of Indiana) and Lonnie Hinkle (Senior VP of Operations, Jiffy Lube of Indiana). Here are their answers.

Q: Come on, aren’t all you “quick lube” places the same?

Steve: Certainly not! Jiffy Lube has world class procedures, perfected over 35 years and hundreds of millions of oil changes, to ensure top-notch service every time.
Lonnie: We also use top quality Mighty Auto Parts and feature Pennzoil motor oil.

Q: I like to support local. Why should I give my money to a big chain store?

Steve: We work, live and play right here in Indiana. With Jiffy Lube you enjoy the reliability of a national brand but we’re a locally owned and operated franchise.

Q: I hear Jiffy Lube employees get very little training, is that true?

Lonnie: Jiffy Lube leads the WORLD in training, literally. We were just inducted into the Training Magazine 125 Hall of Fame, after finishing in 1st or 2nd places over the past 4 years.
Steve: You can rest assured that our technician is better than their technician!

Q: My cousin’s friend’s uncle had a bad experience at a Jiffy Lube once. How do I know that won’t happen to me?

Lonnie: We are humans and humans make mistakes once in a while. Us included. But I can tell you that our defect rate is about .1%.
Steve: And what’s better is that even on those few instances when we do make a mistake, we view it as an opportunity for us to prove to you how good we REALLY are at fixing our mistakes quickly and with as little pain as possible to you, our valued guest.
Steve: I’d like to add a thank to all of our existing guests for allowing us the opportunity to help you take great care of your vehicle. We are very aware that we are in the “repeat business” business, so we hope to see you again for all your maintenance needs. If you haven’t given us a try yet, we encourage you to give us a chance to exceed your expectations.

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