“Do I Need to Warm my Vehicle Up?”

Winter always packs a cold punch in the morning. Just like how it is harder for humans to get out of bed when it’s cold out, it used to be harder for your vehicle to startup in the cold. Letting your vehicle warm up by starting the engine and letting your engine idle for several minutes used to be the norm. However, vehicles nowadays do not need to be “warmed” up, so idling before you drive is unnecessary.

Idling for more than 30 seconds after you start your engine in cold weather is unnecessary. However, make sure to drive your vehicle gently at the start of your commute. Even though vehicles nowadays operate properly from the start in cold weather, the parts in the engine are still cold and overdriving your engine at the start of your commute can increase the risk of damage to your engine in the short and long term. Be sure to be gentle in your driving in the first few minutes of your commute until the engine temperature gauge is up to the normal driving temperature.

In fact, unless you are trying to defrost your windshield or warm up the cabin of your vehicles, idling will only waste your fuel and your money. It will also cause unnecessary wear and tear to your engine. Unless you are driving, defrosting, or warming, your engine should remain off.

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Photo Credit: “tobiastoft”

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