5 Reasons to Get a Free Winter Safety Check

5 Reasons to Get a Free Winter Safety Check

Slick roads. Frigid temps. Ice-covered windshields. All these winter conditions tend to make existing vehicle problems even worse. Even those minor auto issues that seem to be just a nuisance in warmer months, can turn life-threaten in harsher weather.

That’s why we’re offering a FREE Winter Safety Check to any guest, with no obligation or high-pressure sales tactics involved. The free vehicle check includes the follow:

Antifreeze Check – Antifreeze fluid is important in both cold and hot temperatures. It’s also possible for week or diluted antifreeze to freeze when temps go below 32 degrees. We will check your antifreeze level and let you know if your vehicle is in need of more.

Battery TestYour car or truck battery gets hit especially hard in cold weather. We’ll test the strength of your battery.

Tires – As part of our Winter Safety Check, we will visually inspect your tires and let you know of any potential problems noted.

Oil Requirements – Keeping your oil clean and at the proper level goes a long way in keeping your engine cool. We will check your oil and let you know if your vehicle is in need of its next change.

Fluid Top Off – Finally, we will check and top off all your essential vehicle fluids–FREE OF CHARGE–with the exception of oil and antifreeze. (If you’re in need of oil or antifreeze, we will let you know of any additional charges and give you the option to have them changed or not.)

Prepare your vehicle to handle whatever weather winter decides to throw our way. Visit any of our 47 Jiffy Lube of Indiana locations and one of our experienced technicians will help you check this item off your to-do list. We’ll help you safely prepare for winter and get you back on the road.

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