17 Things to Put In Your Emergency Car Kit

17 Things to Put In Your Emergency Car Kit

It’s the perfect time to stock your car emergency kit. Put these items on your shopping list now to avoid getting caught unprepared during winter weather. You may even already own many of these items. Of course, be sure to assemble your personal kit based on the needs of your own climate and travel activities.

1) Water – This is a must in case the unthinkable happens and you get stuck somewhere for a long period of time.
2) Granola Bars – Or some other non-perishable food.
3) Warm Blankets
4) First Aid Kit – Many stores sell pre-made first aid kits, or pull together your own.
5) Fire Extinguisher – Get one that is able to handle oil, gas, electrical wires, and upholstery fires.
6) Triangle Reflectors and Roadside Flares – It’s best to have a few of the reflective triangles.
7) Waterproof Flashlight – Be sure your batteries are fresh.
8) Jumper Cables – You should also learn how to successfully jump your vehicle.
9) Ice Scraper – A back up to the one you probably already is a nice safety precaution in case someone decides to borrow and not return yours.
10) Tire Pressure Gauge – Changes in temperature impact the pressure in your tires. Use this to periodically test your pressure as the temps drop.
11) Snow Shovel – Buy one of the collapsible ones now before the first storm is announced and everyone makes a mad rush to the store.
12) Cat Litter or Sand – This is great to use as traction under your tires.
13) Duct Tape – Because duct tape fixes everything. Well, almost.
14) Gloves – Include work gloves as well as gloves to provide warmth for you and your passengers.
15) Rags
16) Tow Rope or Strap
17) Rain Gear – You’ll be thankful for an inexpensive poncho if you need to change a tire in the cold rain.

At Jiffy Lube of Indiana, we’re here to help. By gathering a few essential items, you and your vehicle are will be prepared for the upcoming colder months. If you need assistance with maintenance on your vehicle, just stop by your nearest Indiana Jiffy Lube. Our qualified technicians would love to help you.

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