Don’t Sweat It—We’re Offering A FREE A/C System Check!

As the weather in Indiana heats up you may notice the need to blast your vehicle’s A/C more often. A properly working A/C should keep you and everyone else in the vehicle cool and comfortable all the way to your destination. If you notice it’s slow to chill, it could be time for an A/C Service.

Now through August 31, 2021, we’re offering a FREE A/C System Check at our Jiffy Lube of Indiana Multicare locations. Use code: FREEACTEST

What is an A/C System Check?

One of our Jiffy Lube technicians will connect a diagnostic machine to your vehicle and run the A/C system to check the overall health of the system. Typical test points include the vent temperature, ambient humidity, high and low side pressures, and more.

If we find the system isn’t performing properly we will then inspect for leaks. Our A/C system recharge is designed for periodic maintenance rather than A/C repair. If a leak is detected we will recommend the next steps to be taken to get your system back up and running.

What Is an A/C Recharge?

For the A/C system to work optimally, it must have the proper amount of refrigerant and be free of contaminants. When we perform a recharge we evacuate the old refrigerant from the system and then we will vacuum test and recharge the system using the appropriate refrigerant according to your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

Here is more in-depth information if you’re interested in learning more about how your vehicle’s A/C works.

How Often Does My Vehicle Need an A/C Recharge?

If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant you have a leak. Some leaks are small and it might take a long time to lose enough refrigerant to make a difference in the temperature of the air coming from the vents of your vehicle.  Other leaks are larger and, even if the system is recharged, the cool air will not last long at all.

Jiffy Lube can recharge your system and also add a seal conditioner and a leak detection dye. This can be a very cost-effective “fix” for your air conditioner woes if you have one of the very slow leaks.

However, in the case that your A/C system has a larger leak, the refrigerant will leak out but the leak detection dye will help us locate that leak in order to repair it at one of our full-service Jiffy Lube Multicare locations.

We know that cool air on a hot day can make a big difference. If you notice your vehicle isn’t cooling, visit Jiffy Lube for an A/C system check and evaluation.

An A/C recharge is available at most Jiffy Lube of Indiana locations in Central and Northern Indiana. Visit our Store Locator for specific addresses and stop by to see how your vehicle could benefit from an A/C Recharge. No appointment is necessary! We also offer brakes, tires, tune-ups, and minor repair services at these locations!

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