Cool App Alert: SmoothRide Pro

SmoothRide Pro App ScreenshotEver heard an unusual sound or felt a strange shaking in your vehicle, yet when you take it in to have it inspected, you find yourself having a hard time explaining your concern?

There’s a cool new app on the market that measures and then provides a report on the quality of your car or truck’s ride to help better communicate with your service professional. The SmoothRide Pro app by Pro-Cut uses your iPhone to quantify your vehicle’s wheel balance and brake performance.

We’re pretty impressed by how easy it works. All you need to do is place your phone in the cup holder and drive. Based on the movement of your car, the app measures your wheel and brake vibration between zero (none) and nine (yikes!). It is even able to filter out vibrations caused by road conditions. You can also use the app to test your wheel balance and brake function after you have it serviced.

Who knew that your iPhone had such incredible sensitivity? Check out this video that shows how the SmoothRide Pro app works to provide an objective, third-party, quality check of your vehicle’s initial problem and after the repair. Pretty cool!

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