4 Tips to Keep Your Used Vehicle Running Like New

Let’s “brake” down what’s going on in the auto industry right now. A strong demand and low supply of new vehicles due to a semiconductor shortage (aka chip shortage) are causing used-car prices to surge.

While it may be a good time to trade in your lightly-used vehicle, you may find it challenging to find a new or used vehicle as a replacement. The market will calm down eventually, but in the meantime, here are some tips on how to keep your current vehicle running like new.

1. Check the Fluids

JIffy Lube Team Member Checking Oil Stick

Just like humans need water to survive, vehicles need fluids to perform at their best. Having your vehicle’s oil and other fluids changed regularly, as suggested by the manufacturer, will help your vehicle last a long time. 

Now is a great time to have all your fluid levels checked and refilled and/or changed. Here are the fluids that should be inspected:

  • Oil level and quality
  • Brake fluid level
  • Transmission/transaxle fluid
  • Battery water
  • Differential fluid
  • Transfer case fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Windshield wiper fluid

2. Service the Fuel System

Do you know when the last time your fuel system was cleaned? Over time, deposits can form in critical areas of the fuel system resulting in loss of power and reduced fuel economy. Periodic fuel system cleaning will help maintain optimal engine performance.

Jiffy Lube of Indiana technicians are trained to clean your fuel system by using multi-step cleaners to clean the fuel system and combustion chamber. We can also replace the fuel filter if needed due to clogging or age.

3. Stop Ignoring Squeaky Brakes

Jiffy Lube technician checking out brake system

Your brakes should never have a strange odor or sound, pull the vehicle to one side, or cause vibrations. It’s a good idea to have your brakes inspected every 12,000 miles or about once a year. A well-maintained brake system can protect the vehicle, driver, passengers, and others sharing the road.

4. Regularly Wash the Interior and Exterior


Without proper maintenance, the seats, consoles, and other features can wear down almost as quickly as other vital parts of the vehicle. Keeping the interior and exterior of your vehicle clean will help preserve its value. A vehicle in proper cosmetic condition will be more appealing to buyers.

As the largest system of franchised service centers in the fast lube industry, our mission is to provide Indiana drivers with expert preventive maintenance services to prolong the life of your vehicle. Stop by any of our 51 locations in the Indianapolis area and around the state of Indiana to give your vehicle some extra attention.

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