Summer Car Care: Clean Your Battery

Summer Car Care: Clean Your BatterySummer weather likes to wreak havoc on all the parts under your hood. One part that often gets neglected, but takes just as much summer punishment, is your battery. Hot weather is tougher on your battery than cold weather. Therefore, next up on our Summer Car Care Series list: clean your battery.

The excessive heat of summer can speed up the chemical reaction inside your battery, which can shorten the lifespan of your battery by causing overcharging and evaporation of the battery fluid. This will wear your battery out faster and cause unexpected battery failures. The only way to combat these effects is to keep your batter clean.

To clean your battery, first detach the battery cables. Then use battery cleaner or baking soda and water to scrub the terminals and the battery cables to remove all chemical residue from the battery. Next, wait for your battery to dry and then reattach the battery cables. After cleaning, make sure to check your battery periodically to make sure your battery stays clean and staves of overcharging.

Jiffy Lube of Indiana is also here to help. Just bring your vehicle in without an appointment and our certified technicians will check your battery and clean the terminals as needed as part of our Jiffy Lube Battery Maintenance ServicesJiffy Lube of Indiana is here to keep you on the road and your vehicle’s battery running clean.

Photo Credit: “thisisbossi”

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