Is it Still Important to Learn to Drive Stick?

Is it Still Important to Learn to Drive Stick?


Since the late 1980’s, there has been a steady decline of vehicles manufactured with manual transmission. Car enthusiasts will tell you this is a tragedy. Manual transmission vehicles were well-loved for several reasons including, lower vehicle purchase price, greater fuel economy, better driving control, and just more fun.

Given how common automatics have become, is it still important to learn how to drive manual transmission? The answer is, possibly.

Better Vehicle Understanding
Manual fanatics claim that learning to drive a stick shift gives you a better understanding of how your vehicle works. Leaning to drive one also forces you to learn slowly. You’ll start in empty parking lots, before moving on to actual streets.

More Control & Safety
When you know how to operate a manual transmission, you control the exact amount of power going from the engine to the wheels. This more precise handling gives you better command on icy or wet roads. Stick shifts also all but rule out any other distraction, keeping focus on the road. Think about it. It’s pretty near impossible to text, smoke, or drink a coffee while driving a stick.

Ability to Drive Any Vehicle
Knowing your way around a stick shift and clutch pedal gives you the ability to drive any vehicle. You’ll never need to worry about you (or your child) being stuck in a situation just because you don’t know how to drive that type of vehicle.

Avoid Theft
An unexpected result of owning a manual transmission is a lesser chance of someone stealing your car. If fewer people are able to drive a manual transmission, it’s only makes sense that there is less risk of a thief making off with it!

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