7 Fall Car Care To-Dos


Fall is a great time for more than pumpkins and raking leaves. It’s also an important season for your car or truck’s preventative maintenance. All of those summer road trips and treks to the pool or beach can do a number on your vehicle. Now’s the time to pay attention to your vehicle needs. It can make a big difference when the weather turns cold and icy.

Lights — As the days start to get shorter, the time you spend driving in the dark will get longer. Be sure your exterior and interior lights are working. It’s much more pleasant to check these now than when the weather turns cold.

Wiper Blades – Fall leaves may look nice, but they can damage your vehicle’s blades. Inspect your blades to be sure they make contact with the surface of your windshield. On a regular basis, you should also clean out the area under the blades where leaves like to fall. Lastly, if it’s been more than six months since your last wiper blade change, now is the time to get a fresh set installed.

Oil & Other Fluid LevelsRegular oil changes can extend the life of your vehicle and reduce your chance of a breakdown in freezing weather. In addition to just your oil, other vehicle fluid levels can get depleted during summer temperatures. Autumn is a good reminder to have all your fluid levels checked and refilled. Be sure to inspect your:

– Brake fluid level

– Transmission/Transaxle fluid

– Differential fluid

– Transfer case fluid

– Power steering fluid

– Windshield wiper fluid

– Battery water

Tires – When tire tread wears down, so does your traction. And bad traction is the last thing you need on winter roads. Invest the time to thoroughly inspect your tires, wheels, alignment, suspension, and steering for any sign of trouble. Look for scratches, bumps, or dents in the sidewall and wheel rim. Have your tires inspected by a professional to be sure they will provide protection on the soon to be wet and slick roads.

Stock Your Emergency Kit – The best time to make an emergency kit is before you need it. Put the essentials on your shopping list now and get them before the first big storm is announced. You’ll beat the rush to the store and have the peace of mind of knowing it’s done.

Brakes – Properly working brakes are a non-negotiable for obvious reasons. If it’s been awhile since you had your brakes checked out, bring your vehicle in for inspection. In addition, always be alert to any unusual sound, smell, or feel (such as pulling, grabbing, or vibration when used). Find one of our Brakes and Tire locations here.

Change Air Filters – Your engine’s air filters have been working all summer to remove dust, dirt, and debris before it enters the engine. Inspect and replace your air filters, when needed, to ensure the proper air/fuel mixture and keep dirt from causing corrosion.

At Jiffy Lube of Indiana, we’re here to help. Whether you choose to take these fall maintenance steps on your own, or have them done be a professional, be sure you prepare for the colder months ahead. If you need assistance, stop by your nearest Jiffy Lube of Indiana and one of our qualified technicians would be happy to help.

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