3 Signs You Need A Tire Rotation

3 Signs You Need A Tire Rotation

If you were to leave all your tires in the same four corners of your vehicle, year after year, the tires would undoubtedly wear unevenly. The weight of any vehicle isn’t perfectly distributed. Therefore, uneven wear is unavoidable. That’s why regular tire rotation is so important.

The best way to know when to rotate your tires is to have a professional do an inspection. You can also watch for these warning signs as an indicator that your tires need rotated.

Uneven Wear of Individual Tires
Check your tires for uneven wear which could indicate improper wheel alignment or that your tires need rotated. If you look closely, you will see small horizontal bridges between the grooves of your tires. When your tread wears down, the horizontal bars become closer to being flush with the tire treads. (Tires should be replaced before they reach this point.) However, if you notice that the treads or bridges on one side of your tires are wearing away more quickly than the other, get things checked out.

Uneven Wear from Front to Back
Another area to check is how the tires on the front axle are wearing in comparison to the tires on the back axle. Tire rotations makes it possible for each tire to spend time in both the front and back positions, evening out the wear pattern.

Shimmying or Vibrations
Under perfect conditions, your vehicle should not experience any unusual vibrating or shimmying when driven. If your vehicle begins to vibrate, even if you only notice it at higher speeds, it could be a sign that the tires have become unevenly worn. One area that the shaking is sometimes especially noticeable is in the steering wheel.

Tire life expectancy depends on your driving habits, vehicle, and tires. However, you can extend their life by regular rotation. Stop by one of our Jiffy Lube of Indiana locations—no appointment necessary. Our ASE certified technicians will provide you with fast, competitively-priced maintenance services beyond fluid changes.

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