Limited Time—1/2 Priced Tire Rotations!

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that you get your tires rotated approximately every 5,000-7,500 miles or six months. You can maintain and extend the life of your tires with proper inflation, tire rotation, and balancing.

Jiffy Lube Team Member Checking Tire Air Pressure

Why Are Tire Rotations Necessary?

Let’s take a moment to think about how we drive. A front-wheel-drive vehicle will have uneven wear on the front tires. This is because your front wheel axle is getting power from the engine. The front tires take care of all the steering responsibilities and also take the weight when the brakes are applied and the car shifts forward.

When you start to think about how often you brake while turning a corner, make an abrupt U-turn, and your driving style, you begin to understand why most tires will exhibit some form of wear.

You’ll get the most miles out of your tires by regularly rotating them to help evenly distribute wear and tear. Tire rotation can also help improve your vehicle’s fuel economy. And more miles per gallon mean more dollars in your pocket.

Tech Replacing Tire

Keep Your Vehicle Rolling

Our tire rotation service can extend the life of your tires, improve your gas mileage, and ensure that your vehicle handles in a steady and predictable manner when you need to make a sudden turn or stop. Just a few minutes of maintenance will keep your tires going ‘round and ‘round. A good way to remember when to rotate your tires is to get them rotated at every oil change. 

Our Tire Rotation Services Include:

  • Checking tire pressure
  • Inspecting tires to identify visible damage or abnormal wear patterns
  • Rotating tires according to the pattern recommended by your vehicle manufacturer
  • Installing lug nuts/bolts to the proper torque specifications

Get 1/2 OFF our Tire Rotation Services from December 1, 2021, through February 28, 2022, at all Jiffy Lube of Indiana stores with coupon code SOCROT.

Jiffy Lube Technician using computerized wheel balancing machine

Tire Rotation Services are available at all Jiffy Lube of Indiana locations in Central and Northern Indiana. Visit our Store Locator for specific addresses, no appointment is necessary! We also offer brakes, tune-ups, and minor repair services at these locations.

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