Win on the Pathway to Public Art!

What’s better than an insta-worthy backdrop? How about an oil change on us? 

The Indiana public art scene has made great strides in recent years but we, as a city, state, and community still have a lot of work to do. 

You can help us spread the love for local public art by stopping by our locations to admire the talent of these artists, take photos, and share the message with your friends and family!

In return, when you visit 10 of the 14 murals, snap, and post your pictures on social media using #JiffyLubeMurals, we’ll reward you with a free oil change!

Photo from @beatrizdesignz

History of #JiffyLubeMurals

What started as an extension of our Growing People Through Work training program has turned into a celebration of local art. Since 2016, our Every Part Matters mural project has brought 14 unique murals to the exterior walls of our stores. As we continue to expand we’re asking you to stop by, take photos, and spread the word on our Pathway to Public Art. 

A Call For Selfies

Each mural is uniquely designed and painted by talented Indiana artists. These artists were given creative freedom to design something personally meaningful which has allowed the conversation around public art to grow exponentially.


Here’s the full list of mural locations:

Even Indianapolis Monthly named us one of the most gram-worthy places in the city!

Snap & Win

So, what do you say? Want to win a free oil change? Visit 10 of the 14 murals, snap, and post your pictures using #JiffyLubeMurals, and we’ll reward you with a free oil change!

Once you’ve posted your photos to social media, you can enter the giveaway here.

Every Part Matters is part of our Growing People through Work initiative, a corporate commitment to building up our employees and the communities where they live and work. The murals are presented in partnership with the Arts Council of Indianapolis, Indianapolis’ local arts agency.

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