A New Northwest Indiana Mural is Dedicated to Future Generations

At our service center in Chesterton, Indiana, Felix “Flex” Maldonado created a large-scale mural inspired by the future and the opportunity of today’s youth titled ‘Violet Twilight Youth’. This mural is part of a larger Jiffy Lube Mural project which started in 2016 and has grown to include 25 murals across the state.

About the Artist:


If you’re familiar with the Region-area, you’ve likely experienced Flex’s work! He’s well known, especially for his Jackson 5 mural at 5th and Broadway in downtown Gary and the First Responders mural in Miller.

Art has been a life-long passion for Flex. He grew up learning to draw at an early age and started painting graffiti in junior high. He studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, graduating with a Bachelor’s in Advertising. After school he landed several Art Director positions in agencies in Chicago before dedicating his career to working for himself as an artist/muralist and forming FLEX Creative, LLC.

About ‘Violet Twilight Future‘:

Originally the mural was planned to be completed in Calumet City, however, due to some city ordinance complications, the mural location was moved to the Chesterton store.

Flex’s design is catered to the youth because he was planning on painting the mural near schools and daycares in Calumet City. Fortunately, with the location switch, the mural is now across the street from the Franciscan Emergency Center in Chesterton and can be enjoyed by all walks of life.

“The freedom to create what I wanted was liberating because it allowed me to express a mural piece I’ve been wanting to do for a while,” said Flex.

In the mural, the young lady depicts the future. She is releasing young fireflies, representing the current young generation, to go out and pursue their goals.

“The young lady may represent mother nature, may represent opportunity, or may represent the world,” said Flex. 

About the Process:

The entire mural only took Flex ten days to complete. He kept a close eye on the radar to dodge any raindrops that could potentially damage the wet paint. 

He started the process with an acrylic base coat and five gallons of primer. After the wall was prepared he added three gallons of violet base paint and then executed the entire mural with MTN 94 spray paints. Once the mural was completed a UV clear coat was added to protect the wall for years to come!

“I am always excited to see a completed mural,” Flex said. “I also enjoy the comments made by the communities when they get to experience public art.”

You can connect with Flex Here:

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This mural project is part of our Growing People through Work initiative, a franchise-wide commitment to building up our employees and the communities where they live and work. The murals are presented in partnership with the Arts Council of Indianapolis.

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