3 Things You Didn’t Know About Carl Leck’s 3D Mural

Indianapolis artist, Carl Leck, has done it again! We received so much incredible positive feedback from Carl’s first Jiffy Lube Mural located at 82nd and Allisonville Road, that we were thrilled to invite him back to paint at our new state-of-the-art service center in Fishers, Indiana.

Carl uses a technique called trompe’ l’oeil (optical illusion) that makes his murals appear 3D. Fooling your eyes with paint takes a lot of work and talent. Here are three surprising facts about his newest mural:

1. He Started By Creating Real-Life Objects

Carl said in order to trick the eye, he had to replicate real life as closely as possible so he could imagine how light and shadows would fall on the subjects.

“Utilizing real-life objects or architectural elements as a reference helps immensely,” he said. “A good reference is important, even if I have to create it myself.”

To have an accurate reference, he ended up making little figures of the lion, tiger, and bear. This helped him position them correctly, find the right viewing angle, and really see how the gold color would react to the light.


2. The Viewing Point is a Key Factor

Since the mural spans two massive walls, Carl decided to utilize the corner of the building. The way it’s positioned makes the 3D effect visible to people driving on the I-69 entrance ramp. The combination of the mural’s unique viewing point and the natural elements kick the coolness factor up to 10!


3. Animals Were Always Part of the Vision

Carl knew he wanted his design to include animals because they are always a crowd favorite. After tossing his original idea of using the gummy worm from his Allisonville. mural, the idea of a lion, tiger, and bear popped into his mind. With a nod to the Wizard of Oz, the whole narrative quickly came together. He actually pitched the idea before he even sketched it!

Working 10 hour days–weather permitting, it took Carl almost three weeks to complete. Painting a mural in the hot sun isn’t always fun, but it sure does make that gold paint shine!

Interested in learning more? You can connect with Carl here:

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Jiffy Lube of Indiana owns 49 of the 60 stores in Indiana. With 15 murals and counting, the Jiffy Lube Mural Project is our commitment to public art that provides both internal and external benefits to our people and the communities in which we work and live. “We work hard to challenge our employees to reach their full potential and to expose them to things that may be outside their typical comfort zone,” explains Jiffy Lube owner Steve Sanner. Find a Jiffy Lube of Indiana location near you.


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