The Smells of Vehicle Maintenance

Our nose can tell us a lot about a situation. It’s particularly helpful when cooking and cleaning, or sensing dangerous gases and fumes. The nose is also a vital assistant when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Have you ever experienced a weird car smell? Something like burnt rubber, sweet syrup, or rotten eggs in and around your vehicle? These smells, along with others, are common signs your vehicle is need of some maintenance. Here are some common smells that should stay on the nose.

Burnt Rubber
Is the smell of burnt rubber filling up your vehicle? Well, that means something made of rubber is definitely getting too hot. First, check your tires. Check to see if something is making contact with your tires. If not, the problem probably is somewhere under your hood. Seek the help of a professional if you don’t know where to look.

Hot Oil
Do you smell hot oil when your engine is hot? You could have oil leaking onto your engine or exhaust system. Check under where you park your car and check for fresh oil spots. If you don’t see anything, pop the hood and check for oil spots on your engine and other metal surfaces under the hood. If you spot signs of an oil leak, seek the help of a professional to find out how to stop the leak.

Do you smell gasoline when your vehicle is parked somewhere other than a gas station? This means you have some kind of a gas leak somewhere in your fuel system. Fuel systems in newer vehicles are normally well oiled machines, so if you smell gas, bring your car to a professional right away.

Sweet Syrup
Do you smell sweet syrup after you warm up your engine or a couple minutes after shutting off your engine? Then a coolant leak is your most likely suspect. Look at the hoses under your hood to see if you can spot an area where coolant is leaking under the hood. If you don’t see anything, the problem could be with the heater core or water pump. Seek the help of a professional as soon as possible before your vehicle overheats and leaves you on the side of the road.

Burning Carpet
Do you smell burning carpet when you have been using your brakes a lot? You most likely have overheated brake pads, which is perfectly normal if you have been riding or using your brakes a lot in a short period of time. If this isn’t the case, then you could have a dragging brake. If that’s the case, seek the help of a professional.

Rotten Eggs
Do you smell rotten eggs anytime your engine is running? The culprit is probably hydrogen sulfide. The problem could lie in your fuel injectors or in your catalytic converter. Seek the help of a professional to find the source of the smell.

Jiffy Lube of Indiana is here to help you and your nose with these smelly situations. Just stop on by your nearest Jiffy Lube of Indiana location and our certified technicians will help you track down the source of the odor.

Photo Credit: “Adam Pniak”

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