Knocking the Winter Off Your Car!

Important Steps from our COO, Lonnie Hinkle

Everyone always talks about getting your car ready for winter. What we don’t talk about often enough is how to get your car out of winter mode and ready for spring!

First Things First: the Exterior

The first thing to do is a complete exterior wash with a good undercarriage wash. All of that road salt is bad for our cars and it can really collect underneath as well. We really need to get all of it off…everywhere!

Once it is all clean it’s time for a nice coat of wax. Yes, it’s true that modern cars have a clear coat over the paint, but nothing else will give you that nice shine! To quickly check to see if your car is in need of a wax, simply pour some water on it. If it doesn’t bead off, you need that coat of wax!

Don’t Neglect the Interior

Now let’s look at the interior. That great spring interior detail always makes me smile but we’re not done there. The salt that was all over the roads always seems to make it inside our cars as well, hitching a ride on the bottom of our shoes and it can really wreak havoc on the carpet! Add that carpet shampoo to your interior detail and make sure they use extraction while they are at it.

Did you let things pile up in your trunk over the winter? If you were reading our blog about winter safety tips you just may have that emergency kit in there too! Extra things in the trunk can make changing a tire a bigger challenge, and the added weight of things in the trunk can actually lessen your fuel economy.

A Little Engine Maintenance Can Go A Long Way

Now, on to the engine! Have you changed your oil recently? Changing your oil regularly, as suggested by your vehicle manufacturer, will help your car last for a long time. We’ve had vehicles in our company fleet go over 400,000 miles because we follow that maintenance schedule. We have one now that is getting ready to cross the 500,000-mile mark. (Be watching for a blog post on that one!) While you are getting that oil change, ask your technician for a complete mechanical inspection including belts, hoses, tires, filters, brakes, lights, fluids and wipers. This is also a good time to review your preventative maintenance schedule and perform what items are due.

Your friends at Jiffy Lube are ready to take care of your inspection, and any maintenance items you choose. With a little extra care, your car will last for years to come! Thanks for reading and see you on the road!

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