Important Questions To Ask Your Auto Technician

The thought of overpaying for your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs causes most people unwanted stress. Becoming a smart and informed vehicle owner will help you communicate effectively with your auto technician. Since occasional repairs and maintenance are inevitable, here are some important questions to ask your auto technician:

Ask If Your Auto Technician Makes Commission

Have you ever brought your vehicle to an auto shop for a small repair and end up walking away with $500 in additional maintenance or repair items? We know the auto industry often gets a bad reputation. Choosing a service shop where the service advisors don’t get paid by commission will help you feel less suspicious of the recommendations. 

At Jiffy Lube of Indiana, we are in the car care business because we care about your vehicle. When our team members suggest additional parts, repairs, or upgrades it’s because we genuinely care about the upkeep of your vehicle. Backed by the Jiffy Lube Pledge, our technicians are ready to service your vehicle with the same attention, care, and quality they would give to their own vehicles.

Ask Your Technician To Show You Proof

If you aren’t feeling confident in a recommendation, you can always request to see broken or worn out parts before they are replaced or once they have been removed. This will allow you the opportunity to ask how and why something broke or why it needs to be replaced and how you can prevent it in the future.

Ask If Your Auto Technician is ASE Certified

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE for short, sets industry standards with their auto technician certification programs. For each exam that is passed, an ASE Certification is awarded if the technician has at least two years of related experience. Ask your service professional to show you their credentials.

Jiffy Lube of Indiana’s award-winning Growing People Through Work training program includes ASE endorsed training so you can be confident that our technicians are certified. Jiffy Lube of Indiana also helps their Jiffy Lube Multicare technicians to become ASE certified.

Know Your Basics 

Knowing the basic components of what makes your vehicle run like a well-oiled machine will help you feel more confident when talking to your technician and asking the right questions. If something isn’t working properly in your vehicle you’ll want to provide as much information as possible. If reading your owner’s manual is making you want to hit the snooze button, try reading a blog for some quick and helpful tips. Here are the links to some of our more popular auto tips:

Oil & Oil Filter

Transmission Fluid


Wiper Blades




Check Engine Light

The certified technicians at Jiffy Lube of Indiana are here to help you maintain your vehicle in its best condition. We’re happy to evaluate the areas of your vehicle that may need preventative maintenance or repairs and will recommend the best way to get you back on the road. Visit to any one of our Indiana area Jiffy Lube store locations!

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