Employee Spotlight: Rick Bartlett

Employee Spotlight: Rick Bartlett

Spend a few minutes talking to Rick Bartlett and it’s immediately obvious where his passions are—automobiles and his family.

With 30 years experience, Rick is no stranger to the world of vehicles. His first job in the industry was with the United States Army as a front line mechanic, serving nine months in Desert Storm/Desert Shield. He’s been with Jiffy Lube of Indiana for 16 years now and currently serves as the general manager of store #2361 on Indy’s south side.

What would you be doing if you weren’t with Jiffy Lube of Indiana?
I fix cars on the side, working to refurbish and restore them. I recently helped to customize a mini-van for my daughter. She was paralyzed in an accident in 2004 and just recently reached driving age. With the customizations, she is able to drive by herself and she loves it. She has always been very independent, and now she can be even more so.

As a parent, were you nervous about her starting to drive?
Not at all. I looked forward to it. You can think about all the bad things that can happen, or you can think about all of the good. She gets more freedom and independence and so do we. It’s a win-win for everyone!

What is a typical day at work like for you?
The only thing that is typical about my job is that I get here every morning about one half of an hour before we open. No day is the same. I oversee everything from hiring to firing. I really enjoy the unpredictability.

Why would you recommend Jiffy Lube to someone?
I would have to say because of our vigorous training program. The first eight hours employees spend at Jiffy Lube are focused solely on how to deliver great customer service—from “the greet” to the exit. Next, an employee gets extensive training on all the procedures necessary to be sure your car is taken care of in the proper manner. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. If you leave a job at Jiffy Lube and take the training you gained here somewhere else, you will be the most skilled person there.

What do like to do when you’re not at work?
I enjoy spending time with my family. Since my daughter’s accident, we’ve been each others’ rock. She’s getting older and growing up. Soon she’ll be 18, then 21. So I especially cherish the time with her.

Thanks to Rick for spending a few minutes to share his wisdom!

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