Artist Carl Leck Shares 5 Facts About His Jiffy Lube Mural

The thought-inspiring and brightly colored mural at our Allisonville Road location was painted and created by Carl Leck, a well-known Indy muralist and artist. The project is part of a larger collaboration with the Arts Council of Indianapolis – the Every Part Matters Mural Project.

In addition to this project, Carl also painted murals for Super Bowl XLVI, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, the 500 Festival and several other businesses, schools, and residences. His murals often have an optical illusion affect which is made possible by his unique use of the natural perspectives. Here are five interesting facts about this particular mural:

1.The inspiration for the design was derived from the chickens in his backyard. Their black feathers combined with the sunlight make them shimmer an iridescent blue/green and sparked the idea to have a bird with multi-colored feathers.

2. The idea of having a few birds in a birdcage working together to make their escape was tossed around before it was scrapped to focus on just one bird instead.

3. The trapper, who remains a mystery, has used a manufactured worm as bait rather than a real worm. Thus using the bird’s own natural instincts to eat worms against him.

4. The bird, the hook, and the worm were painted in Carl’s studio on sign board panels prior to painting the background of the mural on site. The bird is comprised of five 1/4″ x  4’x8′ sheets of signboard that were cut to shape with a jigsaw, painted, and then installed onsite once the background was complete.

5. Carl spent about two and a half months working on the bird in his studio, while also juggling with other smaller projects at the same time. When it was finally time to install the bird, it only took a few hours.

Do you have any other narrative ideas? Carl loves to hear what people think is really going on, and what the mural means for them. You can connect with Carl though the following channels:





Five other murals were completed in 2018 and the remaining four will follow in 2019. The 2018 mural artists and locations are:

Blend Creative Minds — 5444 W. 38th St. (International Marketplace)

Craig Martin — 2 S. Earl Avenue (Lafayette)

William Denton Ray — 6275 N. Keystone Avenue (Glendale)

Barbara Stahl — 1280 N. Green Street (Brownsburg)

Shamira Wilson Young — 5630 N. Georgetown Road

The Every Part Matters mural project is Jiffy Lube of Indiana’s commitment to public art that provides both internal and external benefits to our people and the communities in which we work and live. “We work hard to challenge our employees to reach their full potential and to expose them to things that may be outside their typical comfort zone,” explains Jiffy Lube owner Steve Sanner. Find a Jiffy Lube of Indiana location near you.

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