7 Signs You Need A New Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt is a single, continuous belt that drives multiple devices in your engine, such as the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and air conditioning compressor. If your serpentine belt breaks, all of these systems will shut down and your vehicle will overheat.

An unfamiliar noise or screech from the engine compartment is just one indication that your belt could be frayed, split, or worn out. Our technicians visually inspect your serpentine belt for fraying, splitting, glazing (the working edge of the belt becomes shiny from age and wear), or any other damage. If necessary, we can remove the old serpentine belt and install a new one.

Signs You May Need A New Serpentine Belt

1) Loud noise or screech from under the hood, particularly when you accelerate
2) Serpentine Belt shows signs of fraying, cracking, splitting, or glazing
3) Engine components such as power steering cease to operate
4) Engine overheats
5) Check engine light or other warning lights displayed
6) Engine stalls
7) Black smoke from the exhaust

Regular inspections reduce the chances of unexpected repairs. As the largest system of franchised service centers in the fast lube industry, our mission is to provide Indiana drivers with expert preventive maintenance services to prolong the life of their vehicles. Stop by any of our 52 locations in the Indianapolis area and around the state of Indiana, if you suspect you may need a new Serpentine Belt.

For serpentine belt replacement service, visit our locations page to find the Jiffy Lube location closest to you.

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