5 Long Distance Driving Tips

We’re always up for a road trip! Since even road trip veterans can benefit from a refresher course on long distance driving, we pulled together a few of our favorite tips.

1) Plan ahead. Know which route you will take as well as where you plan to stop for food, gas, and overnight. Advanced planning goes a long way in avoiding potential risk-inducing last minute decisions. You never know when you’ll travel through an area with bad service, so bring a road atlas. You’ll also want an emergency kit for those just-in-case moments. For suggestions on what to pack in your emergency kit, read our featured blog here.

2) Get your vehicle serviced beforehand. Staying up-to-date on maintenance reduces your chances of a breakdown. Bring your vehicle in for service far enough in advance of your trip to allow time for any needed repairs. No matter who services your vehicle, be sure you have a thorough inspection that includes checking your oil and other fluids, serpentine belts, wiper blades, filtration system, exterior lights, tire pressure, and chassis.

3) Take turns behind the wheel. Some experts suggest you need at least a 15-minute break after every two hours of driving. Rotate drivers and help everyone stay rested and alert. Give the driver the added benefit of control over music choice and be sure to pull over and switch drivers frequently to avoid fatigue. If you are traveling alone, be sure to make frequent stops, even when you feel like you aren’t tired yet.

4) Share the road. The larger the vehicle, the larger the potential for blind spots. If you’re passing a truck but can’t see the driver in the truck’s side mirror, assume they can’t see you. Be sure to pass in the left lane and avoid passing on downgrades where large vehicles tend to pick up speed. In addition, allow a safe distance behind large vehicles whether you are driving or stopped. Get more information about driving near large trucks and busses here.

5) Never text and drive. Ever.

No matter where your travels take you, we hope you stay safe and enjoy your trip. The certified technicians at Jiffy Lube Indiana are here to help keep your car in road trip condition. Happy road-tripping!

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