5 Indiana Haunted Road Trips

Indiana is brimming with ghost stories, from legends and myths to haunted bridges and cemeteries. There’s no better time to take a haunted road trip to experience the paranormal activity first hand… if you dare. Here are some great haunted destinations right here in the “Boo”sier State!

Avon Haunted Bridge (Avon, Indiana)

This haunted bridge has become a “famous” landmark in Hendricks County and it touts a lot of history and even more legends! The stories attached to the bridge made it famous enough that driving under it made Indianapolis Monthly’s list of “50 Things Every Hoosier Must Do” in 2011.

Photo from Visit Hendricks County
Photo from Visit Hendricks County

The first well-known legend is that a drunken rail worker slipped into newly poured cement during the construction of the bridge and was buried alive. The story goes that you can still hear him wail when a train crosses over the bridge.

Another frequent story that is told is that a mother was walking across the bridge to take her newborn to the doctor when they both fell to their deaths. They say the mother’s crying can be heard when you drive under the bridge, so in efforts to muffle the noise, you are to honk every time you go under the bridge.

With all the folklore surrounding the Avon Haunted Bridge, it really does make for an interesting road trip. So whether you visit it to take in the beauty or experience the spooky just be sure to honk when you go under it!


Edna Collins Bridge (Putnam County, Indiana)

This beautiful red covered bridge was erected over Little Walnut Creek in 1922. It was the last covered bridge built in Putnam County and still stands today.

Photo by Jack Perry

According to legend, Little Edna Collins’ parents used to drop her and her dog off on their way to Greencastle so they could swim in the creek. When they returned from their trip, they would drive onto the bridge and honk three times to let Edna know it was time to go home. One day, when her parents came to pick her up and honked their horn, Edna didn’t respond. Her body was later found downstream.

Photo by Tom Phelan

They say if you drive onto the bridge and honk three times, little Edna’s ghost will appear on the bridge and try to get into your car. Some people have even recorded finding little kids handprints on their car after they drive away and hearing a little girl giggle.


100 Step Cemetery (Brazil, Indiana)

It’s not a surprise that a cemetery makes the list of an eerie urban legend. This particular cemetery has headstones dating all the way back to the 1860’s. It sits atop a large hill with many steps leading to the top that begins at the edge of the road.

Star-Tribune/Jim Avelis

Even though the steps are now broken and sunk into the ground in many places, the legend states that on a completely dark night you are to count 100 steps to the top. If you do this, secrets about your death will be revealed to you by the ghost of an undertaker. If you fail to count the same number of steps on the way down, the vision will come true.

Star-Tribune/Jim Avelis

Sound too scary? Don’t skip the stairs! The story continues by saying if you decide to walk up the hill rather than the steps, a phantom hand will push you to the ground and leave a red handprint!


Story Inn (Nashville, Indiana)

The scenic drive to Nashville, Indiana could reveal more than changing leaves. Story Inn (still a working inn) is one structure in town that was restored after being left in despair during the Great Depression.

Photographer Unknown

Rustic looks and antique furnishings are not all that Story Inn is known for. There are also stories of paranormal activity. Many staff members and countless overnight guests have made claims of seeing the “Blue Lady” who is thought to be the wife of the founder of the town Story, Dr. George Story.

There is now a room above the old General Store in the center of town named “Blue Lady.” You can supposedly summon her by turning on the blue light next to the bed. People claim that she will leave behind blue objects and they can smell cherry tobacco, her favorite while she was alive.


Hookman’s Cemetery (Peru, Indiana)

The cemetery, situated just off a dirt road called “Lover’s Lane,” is said to be haunted by a man with a prosthetic hook. Its real name is Tillett Cemetery but has been nicknamed “Hookman’s Cemetery.” A serial killer used to walk Lover’s Lane in search of couples to attack with his hook. He soon became known as “Hookman.”

Photo by The Cemeteries of Miami County

He was reportedly buried in this cemetery but later was dug up and moved which might be why he still haunts this cemetery today. Visitors have experienced a perpetual fog that sits at the top of the cemetery’s hill that is full of shadowy mists and voices.

Photo by The Cemeteries of Miami County

If you’re looking for a little extra adrenaline, check out Indiana’s back roads this fall! They have long been rumored to contain mystery, a lot of history, and a wide spectrum of unexplained phenomena. To stay safe and enjoy your trip, visit a Jiffy Lube of Indiana location, our certified technicians are always ready to keep your car in road trip condition.

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