Steve Sanner Visits St. Andrews summer we were honored to support an amazing organization—St Andrew’s Legacy—through collecting funds at all 14 of the Jiffy Lube Country MegaTicket concerts at Klipsch Music Center. St. Andrew’s Legacy provides golf education and therapy to wounded American veterans. Their focus is on building confidence, motivating, and inspiring, through the game of golf.

Steve Sanner, Jiffy Lube of Indiana owner, recently took a trip with his sons and several other fathers and sons to visit St. Andrews in Scotland. In total, there were seven fathers and nine sons. Steve shared with us his thoughts on this life-changing experience.

Why were you drawn to the St. Andrew’s Legacy organization? Last year, I met Graham Proctor, founder of St. Andrews Legacy. His passion for helping wounded veterans from allied countries was so inspiring that I began thinking of ways we could help.

How is Jiffy Lube of Indiana working with Graham and St. Andrews Legacy? We have been talking about helping wounded veterans from Indiana learn to play golf, or improve their games. We are working with the Indiana Golf Association, as they have a program that trains golf pros how to work with people with disabilities. The pilot program they did this year is going well and should be expanded next year. The goal is to help wounded veterans learn to play well enough to be able to visit and play in St. Andrews, Scotland, the home of golf. Sponsorships and other fundraisers will cover the costs.

What was your favorite part of the trip? On our final night in Scotland, we invited Graham to bring the seven veterans in town playing that week to join our group for dinner at The St. Andrews Golf Club. It was an amazing and emotional evening, especially for our sons, as they realized that in another era, young men like them would have been fighting battles in faraway lands instead of playing golf with their fathers.

That must have been amazing. What were the conversations like? There were many toasts that evening, including from the wounded veterans who shared their stories and talked about the dark days they and their brothers have felt since returning home. Several of these courageous men spoke of being unable to leave their homes, being stuck in their basements, and shutting themselves off from society—at least until they discovered the game of golf. The power of this great game was on full display in the eyes of these warriors. By the end of the evening, there were many hugs and many tears, and we all left as better men than when we arrived.

How is the money raised by Jiffy Lube of Indiana being used by St. Andrew’s Legacy? Graham will use the funds to cover the full travel costs of Hoosier veterans to achieve their wildest dreams of visiting and playing golf in St. Andrews. Through this effort, even for those who never make it to St. Andrews, many wounded veterans will learn how to use the camaraderie, spirit, and beauty of the game of golf to come out of the shadows and improve their lives.

What’s the one thing people should know about St. Andrew’s Legacy? That the dreams and aspirations of passionate people know no bounds in making a true difference in the world.
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