Jiffy Lube Cares

When new employees come to Jiffy Lube, many of them have bounced around from job to job without ever finding solid ground from which they can build a good life for themselves and their families.

We work hard to stop this cycle by providing the most advanced training available in our industry. However, in addition to technical training, we also provide personal development programs such as credit counseling, consistent drug testing, and financial literacy education.

Part of this personal support system is our Jiffy Lube Cares Fund. Through contributions from our leadership team, we give short-term assistance for associates in-need in the form of no-interest loans, that are repaid through payroll deductions.

Steve Sanner, Jiffy Lube of Indiana Owner, commented, “Jiffy Lube Cares has become a fantastic resource for helping good people manage through difficult times. However, since its inception, there have been two occasions when we simply gave money to an associate with no pay back.”

The first of these occasions was an apartment fire that ruined virtually everything one associate owned. We gave $2,000 out of the fund so he could buy furniture and other necessities to help his family rebuild their lives.

The second was when an assistant manager’s nine-year-old son died of the flu. The family was unable to pay for the funeral, so the Jiffy Lube Cares Fund covered those expenses.

“Helping members of our Jiffy Lube family as they deal with absolute heartache, has brought us all closer together. The loans have made a huge difference in the lives of our people, but the two grants have been the most fulfilling moments. Our people know we care about them and that we will be there for them when times get tough,” concluded Sanner.

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