Introducing our New High School Internship Program

Our High School Internship Program will continue through 2021! Expanding upon our core principle of “Growing People Through Work”, we look forward to exposing qualified high school students to the automotive maintenance industry. We are establishing one internship opportunity at each of the 50 Jiffy Lube service centers that we operate.

The student will learn using our award-winning curriculum, Jiffy Lube University, along with completing hands-on tasks that will demonstrate competence of their learnings.

The journey in Jiffy Lube University begins with Safety and Orientation. In this section of the program, the student will learn an overview of the Jiffy Lube business along with other key items.

These areas include the following:

• Orientation

• Customer Safety

• J-Team Safety

• Creating the Desired Customer Experience

• Our core Service

Once the student has completed orientation they move on to the Courtesy Position. Before they can tackle the role hands-on, there are key learnings in Jiffy Lube University.

These learnings include:

• Cabin Air Filters

• Testing Batteries

• Basic Tire Knowledge

• Tire Rotation and Wheel Removal Procedures

• Courtesy Duties

• Courtesy Duties for Multicare

Once the student masters the Courtesy Technician position, the next and final stop on the training path for the student is Upper Bay technician.

Training for the position of Upper Bay technician includes the following:

• Upper Bay Vehicle Inspections

• Underhood Fluids

• Cabin Air Filters

• Basic Tires

• Tire Rotation and Brake Inspection Procedures

• Upper Bay Procedures

• Additional Upper Bay duties

There will be additional training that we will get into once the intern reaches the 60 day mark of employment. These modules are more in-depth that material previously covered.

These items are:

• Air Filtration Systems

• Windshield Wiper Replacement

• Light Bulb Replacement

• Cabin Air Filter Inspection and Replacement

• Systems, Components and Product Knowledge

All in all, this mentorship program will give the students a strong introduction into the automobile preventative maintenance world, along with building valuable life-skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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