7 Fall Car Care Tips



Fall is an important season for your car or truck’s preventative maintenance. Taking time to pay attention to vehicle needs in autumn can make a big difference when the weather turns cold and icy. Here are seven areas to look into now to prepare for later.

Lights – Shorter days mean you’ll be spending more time driving in the dark. Check your exterior and interior lights to be sure they are all in working order.

Wiper Blades – Leaves and twigs can damage your vehicle’s blades. Make sure your blades have good contact with the surface of your windshield and regularly clean out the area under the blades where leaves like to fall. If it’s been more than six months since your last wiper blade change, now is a great time to get a fresh set installed.

Oil – Determine if it’s time for your regular oil change and get it taken care of right away. Regular oil changes can extend the life of your vehicle and reduce your chance of a breakdown in freezing weather.

Other Fluids – Check and top off all of the fluids in your vehicle. If you prepare now, you’ll go into winter with full fluid levels. Keeping an eye on fluid levels will also alert you to any leaks or other concerns that could lead to bigger problems down the road.

Tires – When tire tread wears down, so does your traction, and that’s the last thing you need in winter. Have your tires inspected by a professional to be sure they will provide protection on the soon to be wet and slick roads.

Stock Your Emergency Kit
The best time to make an emergency kit is before you need it. Put the essentials on your shopping list now and get them before the first big storm is announced. You’ll beat the rush to the store and have the peace of mind of knowing it’s done.

Brakes – Last, but certainly not the least in importance, are your brakes. At the first sign of any unusual sound, smell, or feel (such as pulling, grabbing, or vibration when used) have your brakes inspected. If it’s been a while since you had your brakes checked out, bring your vehicle in for inspection. Many of our locations have brake and tire services, staffed with ASE certified technicians.

At Jiffy Lube of Indiana, we’re here to help. Whether you choose to take these fall maintenance steps on your own, or have them done be a professional, be sure you prepare for the colder months ahead. If you need assistance, stop by your nearest Jiffy Lube of Indiana and one of our qualified technicians would be happy to help.

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