Meet Jack Garrett, Manager at New Fishers, Indiana, Store

At the end of June 2020, Jiffy Lube of Indiana will open our 49th store. Located at 13855 Olivia Way by Hamilton Town Center in Fishers, Indiana, the new store is set to offer a full breadth of services such as brakes, tires, and engine repair, in addition to the traditional Jiffy Lube core services such as providing the best oil change location near you. 

When you talk with Jack Garrett, you realize how deeply he cares for both the community and the service his team provides for guests. 

So, before Jack got too busy with the new store, he was kind enough to answer a few questions.

Q: Why Fishers?

A: Fishers and the surrounding areas are rapidly expanding. People are constantly driving to work, school, social events, and many other activities and in all honesty, they do not have many options to have their vehicle’s needs taken care of without setting an appointment at a service provider.

Jiffy Lube has been and always will be focused on providing our guests with quality service that meets all manufacturer’s specifications, doing so in a timely manner without the need to set an appointment. 

Our goal is to have each guest exit our center after having the vehicle serviced feeling like it was the best experience they ever had when it comes to their automotive needs. We want guests to feel well-informed about what the manufacturer’s service recommendations are as well as comfortable knowing that it was all done at a fair price point.

The sense of community involvement and family in Fishers is something that we thrive on. We want to be more than just the place to have your vehicle serviced. We want to a part of the community. 

Q: What will the new store look like?

A: The new center has a great modern look with textured stone and earth tone exterior to include a large parking area with dedicated parking for those that may need special assistance or just a shorter distance to access our lounge area.

Our Guest Lounge is spacious, well-lit, and is equipped with workstations and free Wi-Fi for those that have busy schedules and need a place to do some work while their vehicle’s preventative maintenance is being taken care of. 

We know that our guests like to not only be informed about the needs of their vehicle, but they also like to be able to see it. So, we have designed our lounge in a way that guests can see their vehicle while we are servicing it. Our goal is to have our service center feel comfortable and personal yet professional at the same time. 

Fishers Olivia Way Location

Q: Could you tell us about some of the state-of-art features?

A: The entire service center has been designed with the latest advancements in electric control. All our lighting is LED and programmable to be adjusted so that electric and gas usage is more cost-effective and efficient.

Our computer stations have been upgraded so that they are more compact and more user friendly.

We also have a state-of-the-art, drive on, alignment machine that will allow our technicians to diagnose alignment issues and fix them while cutting down on wasted time moving and positioning big bulky equipment.

Q: What about the environmental impact of the store?

A: Our entire center was designed with the environment in mind, from the positioning of the center on the property to assist in lowering energy usage by using natural lighting to the landscaping plan which includes at least 130 shrubs and 20 trees to provide a quality green space and beautiful curb appeal.

Our oil/water separation system ensures that no oil or other vehicle-related liquids enter the drain system. The lower bay area has no drains that could leak into the surrounding areas. And all of our used fluids are stored in approved containers and removed by licensed operators ensuring safe clean removal of any hazardous material. 

jiffy lube pit

Q: How do you feel about the new mural for the store?

A: I am amazed by the great response we have received with our mural project throughout the various communities we are in. For this new store, Carl Leck has designed a great mural that people will just have to see to understand the great attention to detail and thought behind it. There is a direct relationship between some local mascots and the amazing mural. We hope that the mural will bring people from around the community together to allow everyone to see and admire how important the arts are to all of us.

Q: Any closing words?

A: As one of the largest vehicle maintenance providers, we offer not only a safe quality place to bring your vehicle, but we also provide employment opportunities for people in the community. We want to be active in contributing to the local schools and various organizations to help grow the community, as well as helping employees with our award-winning, “Growing People Through Work,” training program.

I think what has always made me respect the Fishers community is that even though it is growing rapidly, when you are here, you still get the feeling of community.

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