Behind the Scenes with our Director of Guest Services: An Interview with Madeline Copenhaver

Behind the Scenes with our Director of Guest Services: An Interview with Madeline CopenhaverIt takes a special person to have a job like Madeline Copenhaver. And to do it with a smile on her face, takes someone with an even more impressive attitude.

Even though Jiffy Lube of Indiana has an incredibly low defect rate of about 0.1%, humans are humans and mistakes sometimes happen. As the Director of Guest Services for 47 stores, Madeline is the main point of contact for all the calls from the 1-800 number as well as all the comment cards. Very often, she also gets calls directed to her from service centers when there is a delicate matter that needs handling.

What’s especially remarkable about Madeline is that she very often takes a complaint and is able to not only fix the problem, but also turn that customer into a staunchly loyal guest that returns to Jiffy Lube of Indiana year after year.

What do you love about your job?
We have a great team. I couldn’t do what I do without the support of everyone and I hope they feel the same way about me. I just really love making people happy. When I can fix a guest problem that initially seemed unfixable, that really makes all the work worthwhile.

What’s it like working for Steve Sanner (Jiffy Lube of Indiana Owner)?
Steve is very personable and straight-forward. He let’s you know exactly where you stand and has a great way of really motivating me to do my best. His priority is making sure we do anything we can to meet the most demanding needs of our guests. Most importantly, working here feels like a family. I always feel comfortable going to Steve or Lonnie* with an issue. (*Lonnie Hinkle is Senior VP of Operations).

It has to be tough to be the main person that gets complaints. But I bet you have some funny stories!
It’s always a little funny when someone calls to “complain” that their oil change was too quick. Of course, they’re legitimately concerned that because their service was performed so quickly, we didn’t do everything we said we would. It’s nice to be able to assure someone that our processes and procedures allow for a quick oil change and that it’s normal for us to be able to get everything done in the short time they’re reporting.

I also had a situation where a woman was having some brake trouble. She didn’t know much about cars and she was concerned that she wasn’t fully comprehending the details. The problems ended up being a manufacturer’s issue that the dealership needed to fix. However, over the course of several calls, I was able to translate the technical jargon into more understandable language for her. I was even able to explain what she needed to tell the dealership in order for them to resolve the issue. In the end, she ended up very happy with us and even asked me if she could personally call me if she ever needed any car issues explained! (Of course, I said yes!)

Where did you learn so much about cars?
When I started with Jiffy Lube I went through some of the same training as our technicians so I could understand the processes and procedures we use. This really helps me explain things to guests. Besides that, I’ve always been mechanically minded. Before I was allowed to drive as a teenager, my dad made me learn how to take care of my car by myself. He taught me how to do everything from checking and changing my own oil and other fluids to changing my tires.

What would you say to someone that was hesitant to bring in their car to Jiffy Lube?
To me, it all comes down to convenience, speed, and reliability. You don’t have to schedule an appointment. Plus, our stores are open longer than traditional work week hours and on the weekends. As a mom of two kids, I also love that they vacuum the interior as part of the service.

Another great perk is that Jiffy Lube keeps track of each manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. All the little maintenance items can add up and if you don’t take care of them, you could have a bigger problem on your hands. For instance, I don’t have to know when my specific car needs its transmission fluid changed because our system keeps those records for me. Once you start visiting us, all the stores will have access to your records, and can keep track of that for you. No matter where you go, you can have the reassurance that you are getting the maintenance you need to keep your vehicle running.
Thank you to Madeline for letting us pick her brain about how she does such outstanding work in the field of customer service. On the rare chance that you have a problem and need to talk to Madeline, rest assured that you are in great hands and she will take care of you!

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