Employee Highlight – General Manager, Bill Hines


If there’s anyone that can attest to the quality of organization that is Jiffy Lube of Indiana, it’s Bill Hines.
Bill started his automotive career with Jiffy Lube at the age of 19. Thirty years later, and he’s still with the company, serving as General Manager of our Fort Wayne store on S. Bend Drive.

However, he’s is quick to point out that Jiffy Lube wasn’t his first job. Bill had various other positions before, including one at a pizza restaurant. Fortunately for us, Bill admits that he’s much better suited to the world of automotive maintenance than to cooking.
At a young age, Bill’s interest in cars was already evident. Not many people buy their first car before they have their driver’s license. But at the age of 15, Bill and his dad split the down payment for a 1957 Chevy. He still has the car today and is working on restoring it as well as restoring a Trans Am.
As if buying a car before you can drive and working in automotive maintenance for 30 years wasn’t enough of a testament to his loyalty to the world of vehicles, Bill even met his wife at Jiffy Lube! Now married three years, Bill’s wife started out as a regular guest of Jiffy Lube. She consistently brought her vehicle in for three to four years, until one day she asked Bill out!
When asked about his favorite part of the job, Bill said it’s twofold. He loves meeting people. His position allows him to not only get to know his employees, but get to talk with the guests that come in each day as well. He also enjoys the opportunity to stay on top of the constantly evolving automotive field. He pointed out that cars are much different today than they were 30 years ago. Besides the addition of new technologies like Hybrids, vehicles are just smaller than they used to be. You don’t see very many of the 17-18 foot automobiles of the past.
Thank you, Bill, for letting us get to know you a little better! Next time you’re in your local Jiffy Lube of Indiana, look for Bill. Just don’t ask him out, he’s already spoken for.
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