4 Reasons To Join the Jiffy Lube of Indiana Team

A huge part of any success in your life is the team you choose to surround you. If you’re looking for a career, not just another job, then you’re in the right place. One of our biggest priorities is to help our associates grow personally at the same time as professionally. Here are just a few reasons we want you to join our team.

1. Access to Extensive Training, Including ASE Certification

The training requirements to become a certified Jiffy Lube technician often surprises people. Discipline, time management, and integrity are just a few of our key values. Every technician is required to complete a Jiffy Lube® training program so extensive, it is the only quick lube training program to earn the distinction of being an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified Training Provider.

One of our south-side general managers, Rick Bartlett, is no stranger to the automotive industry. Rick served in the United States Army as a front line mechanic before joining the Jiffy Lube of Indiana team. He has been with us for nearly 20 years. Why would he recommend Jiffy Lube to anyone?

Rick Bartlett, Jiffy Lube Manager

I would have to say because of our vigorous training program,” said Rick. “The first eight hours employees spend at Jiffy Lube are focused solely on how to deliver great customer service. Next, an employee gets extensive training on all the procedures necessary to be sure your car is taken care of in the proper manner. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. If you leave a job at Jiffy Lube and take the training you gained here somewhere else, you will be the most skilled person there.”

2. Your Training Goes Beyond the Technical Stuff

As a locally-owned business we understand the importance of training and keeping our team members. In addition to technical training, you also receive life skills development such as credit counseling and financial management education through our unique training program—Growing People Through Work.

Our Growing People Through Work program includes features such as:
• Industry-leading compensation programs
• Financial Planning, Wellness, and Attitude/Pride-In-Work seminars
• Tuition reimbursement for those seeking management positions
• Home buying program to help managers own homes
• College scholarships for the children of J-Team members
• Strict drug testing program to create a safe working environment and help team members say “No, I like my job too much to do drugs.”
• Voluntary contribution program that funds loans or grants to fellow team members struggling in their personal lives.

3. Local Owners That Care About Your Career

If you spend a few minutes talking with any of our managers you’ll quickly learn that Jiffy Lube of Indiana is an excellent place to start or even, jumpstart, a career in the automotive industry.

Our Valparaiso store manager, Leticia Alverez, explains the importance of the support she receives from the executive team:

Leticia Alvarez, Jiffy Lube Manager

“At the end of the [training] program, they ask you to write down a little about yourself, your goals, and where you see yourself going,” Leticia said. “I wrote down that I wanted to advance to manager. And now, here I am! I’m so thankful to Steve and Lonnie. They gave me the chance and I ran with it. It’s almost like they knew me forever the minute I met them. They welcomed me with open arms.”

David Osborne, Jiffy Lube Manager

David Osborne, one of our Carmel, Indiana, managers explains that his favorite thing about working with Jiffy Lube of Indiana is because we invest in our people.

“I have been able to watch people develop in their life and lead them in the right direction,” said David. “From their first apartment to their first new car. Not only coaching them at work but also supporting them in their life and the choices they make. You have to make that investment in your team. Most of them need advice and guidance.”

4. Endless Opportunities to Grow and Advance

New Stop 11 Jiffy Lube Location

In order to better serve our guests, we continue to grow. We’ve recently expanded by adding three new bays at our Stop 11 location. We’ve also added Jiffy Lube Multicare at 14 of our Indianapolis service centers. This includes tires, brake service, tune-ups and suspension work. We’ve added these services to provide our guests with fast, competitively priced maintenance services beyond fluid changes.

These expansions also mean that we are hiring brake specialists, general service technicians, and Guest Service Advisors! Visit http://jiffylubeindiana.com/careers to grow with us!

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