Vehicle Maintenance Basics

Vehicle Maintenance BasicsVehicle maintenance is easy to neglect. Daily life gets busy and time seems to fly. By the time you know it, it’s been 5 months since your vehicle has seen any maintenance. If you struggle to keep up with your regular maintenance schedule, you are not alone. In a recent study done by the Car Care Council, 84 percent of vehicles on the road are in the need of service or parts.

According to the study, 25 percent of vehicles had dirty oil and were in need of an oil change. 27 percent had old, dirty, or low windshield washer fluid. 18 percent of vehicles had dirty/clogged air filters that needed replacing. 18 percent of vehicles needed to replace their belts. 17 percent of vehicles had old, low, or leaking coolant that needed to be fixed. 16 percent had old or faulty wiper blades that needed replacing. 14 percent of vehicles had worn out tread and needed new tires. 14 percent of vehicles needed their battery cables and terminals cleaned and tightened. 13 percent had dirty or low brake fluid that needed fixing. 11 percent of vehicles needed at least one light replaced. 10 percent of vehicles had improperly inflated tires.

Make sure to stay on top of your regular maintenance schedule. As you can see in the above statistics, car problems will get worse the longer you go without maintenance. Stop by Jiffy Lube of Indiana today for a Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change and setup your maintenance schedule in order to keep your vehicle in tip top shape.

Photo Credit: “brownpau”

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