Better Air Quality for You (and Your Engine)

Better Air Quality for You (and Your Engine)
If you’re unlucky enough to face seasonal allergies, you know that along with glorious fall weather comes the nuisance of sniffing and sneezing. Yet, as much as you need fresh air, so does your engine. Clean, filtered air helps your engine work properly. Your vehicle air quality can improve fuel efficiency and acceleration while reducing emissions.

Since vehicle air quality is important not just for you, but also your engine, let’s talk about two types of vehicle air filters and their maintenance requirements.

Passenger Cabin Air Filters
Not all vehicles come equipped with passenger cabin filters. However, when present, these filters help remove small particles from the air such as pollen, dust and mold spores. Good preventive maintenance requires replacing this filter at normal intervals. If your recent road trips have involved driving on particularly dusty or dirty roads, your filters have been working overtime. Consider inspecting them for any visible dirt or clogs and replacing them when necessary. Reduced airflow to the cabin is another sign that your filter needs replaced.

Engine Air Filters
Similar to your passenger cabin air filter, the engine air filter captures airborne contaminants before they can enter the engine. If your vehicle’s engine filter is dirty or clogged, it prevents clean air from getting into your engine and can lead to reduced acceleration and lower fuel efficiency. It can also cause increased emissions. Just like the passenger cabin filter, engine filters need to be changed regularly. The more dirty your driving terrain, the more frequently you’ll need a new filter.

As we approach cooler temperatures, it’s a good idea to check your filters or have them checked by one of our certified technicians at Jiffy Lube of Indiana. Look for these indicators when checking your filters.

Signs You May Need New Filters

  1. Visually dirty or clogged filter
  2. Visually dirty or clogged engine air filter
  3. Reduced air flow in the cabin
  4. Increased noise when the fan is running
  5. Reduced acceleration

The technicians at Jiffy Lube of Indiana are experts in the field of vehicle maintenance. After a visual inspection, our technicians can install new air filter parts as necessary. Stop by your nearest location and check off the items on your fall maintenance checklist with our Signature Service Oil Change and many other quality services.

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