Employee Highlight: Brakes and Services Manager, Matt Foy

Employee Highlight: Brakes and Services Manager, Matt Foy
We know you’ve heard of Jiffy Lube, but what about the people behind the business? With this series of employee highlights, we’d like you to get to know the talented folks who work in our Brakes and Services locations throughout the state.

Learn more about the people who get your vehicles back on the road safely and provide you a better piece of mind when traveling.
This week we sat down with Jiffy Lube Brakes and Services Manager, Matt Foy, to learn more about his job responsibilities, his family ties to Jiffy Lube and some fun facts you might not know about him.

From a young age, Matt had an interest in the automobile industry. Matt said, “I was always into cars when I was younger, and my dad was always in the automotive industry in different ways. After high school, I went to WyoTech to pursue a degree in Automotive Technology and the rest is history.”

Matt came across an ad for a position with Jiffy Lube while working for another automotive company and applied immediately. After the application and hiring process where through, it was on to training. Matt said, “It’s not easy. Everyone must go through the ‘Manager in Training,’ process. It’s three months long and you have to learn everything about the business in three months. That’s a lot! It’s definitely more than just learning how to properly change oil. But having such a rigorous training process helps us evaluate who is right for the position and who isn’t.”

As a Brakes and Services Manager for Jiffy Lube, no two days are ever the same. Multitasking is an essential skill, along with flexibility. Matt said, “My main responsibility as a Brakes and Services Manager is to grow the Brakes and Services program. I also help out with the technician training by teaching classes. I also act as a technical advisor for the stores and do some employment recruiting.”

Jiffy Lube makes technician training a top priority. This is just one of the things that set Jiffy Lube apart from their competition. Matt said, “We want all of our technicians to be ASE certified (National Institute forAutomotive Service Excellence), it’s the standard in certification for anything in the automotive industry. In our line of work it’s not required to be ‘certified,’ so to set Jiffy Lube apart we make sure all of our technicians are ASE certified. I’m very focused on training and growing our business to the best it can be.”

So what’s an average day like for a Jiffy Lube Brakes and Services Manager? Matt said, “I typically start my day by getting some office work done. I run through the daily communication that goes out to all of our Brakes and Service locations. We have five locations in Indianapolis and nine across the state of Indiana. I’ll end up in one of the locations and help evaluate our processes. I like to use these visits as an opportunity to help resolve any issues, you know, work out the kinks any of the technicians might be running into. My main focus is to help our stores become more successful.”

Jiffy Lube and the Foy family have strong connections. Matt’s twin brother is the General Manager of another Jiffy Lube of Indiana location. To keep things interesting the Foy brothers will play a few pranks when they are together. Matt said, “Sometimes my twin brother and I like to switch places when we are together.”

So what else sets Jiffy Lube apart from their competition besides their focus on education and ongoing technician training? Matt didn’t hold back. Matt said, “We, as a company, put way more focus on the quality of work we provide our customers. We are focused on doing things the right way and properly training our technicians than any other company I have ever worked for. We care about our customers and we want to make sure the job is done right the first time. Making sure we hire quality people to service our customers is a big difference between Jiffy Lube and the other guys. I truly believe I work for the best franchise there is.”

Next time you’re in an Jiffy Lube of Indiana location, look for Matt Foy, he just might be on a store visit. But be warned, it could also be his twin brother.

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