Filters – They Don’t Get the Credit they Deserve!

Filters – They Don’t Get the Credit they Deserve!

It never ceases to surprise us the number of people that don’t think it’s important to change your filters!

Three types of filters work extra hard every time you drive your car or truck, yet they often get neglected and cause bigger problems down the road.

Fuel Filters
All kinds of contaminants can find their way into your fuel. Moisture in a holding tank can cause rust. Paint chips can also get knocked into your fuel line during filling. The cleaner your fuel, the better your fuel efficiency. Over time, debris builds up in the filter and eventually makes it’s way into your fuel. If you don’t change your fuel filter when needed, your engine will eventually get damaged by dirty fuel.

Passenger Cabin Air Filters
These filters remove small particles from the air such as pollen, dust, and mold spores. Good preventive maintenance requires replacing this filter at normal intervals. If your recent road trips involved driving on dusty or dirty roads, your filters have been working overtime. Consider inspecting them for dirt or clogs and replacing them when necessary. Reduced airflow to the cabin is another sign your filter needs replaced.

Engine Air Filters
Similar to your passenger cabin filter, the engine air filter captures airborne contaminants before they enter the engine. If your vehicle’s engine filter is dirty, it prevents clean air from getting into your engine and can lead to reduced acceleration and lower fuel efficiency. It can also cause increased emissions. Just like the passenger cabin filter, engine filters need to be changed regularly. The more dirty your driving terrain, the more frequently you’ll need a new filter.

It’s a good idea to have your filters checked on a regular basis. The certified technicians at Jiffy Lube of Indiana are experts in the field of vehicle maintenance. As part of our Signature Service Oil Change, we inspect your filters and discuss with you if they need replacement.

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