April Showers Bring…. New Tires?

April Showers Bring…. New Tires?We all know that old saying about April. But what the adage doesn’t mention is how all those inevitable showers will impact what happens on the road. Even a light rain can quickly deteriorate driving conditions—especially if your tires are in less than ideal repair.

In fact, the first hour or two of a rainstorm are actually the most dangerous. That’s because any oil or other foreign substance sitting on the road begins to mix with the rainwater, causing a slick and slippery surface. Plus, whether you realize it or not, the not-long-past winter may have worsened the condition of your tires more quickly than normal wear and tear. Snow, salt, sand, and those notorious potholes are a tire’s worst enemy.

Before you rush out and purchase a new set of tires, consider getting a professional tire inspection and rotation. Most tires will eventually show signs of wear based on several factors such as wheel alignment, miles driven, driving style, and tire location on the vehicle. Regular tire rotation, as recommended by the manufacture, can protect against uneven wear. Moving the tire position helps tires wear more evenly and extend the tire’s life.

Select Indianapolis and northern Indiana stores offer Tire, Brake Service, Tune-Ups, and Suspension work. Our ASE certified technicians at these locations provide fast, competitively-priced tire maintenance in the areas of:

  • Tire inspection to identify damage or abnormal wear patterns
  • Checking and adjusting tire pressure
  • Tire rotation according to the wear pattern and manufacturer recommendations
  • Lug nut and bold installation to proper torque specification

We also recommend that guests return within 500 miles of driving and Jiffy Lube of Indiana will re-torque your lug nuts and bolts, free of charge.

See our Brakes and Tires service page to find a store near you. Then, stop by and visit to ensure your tires are in top condition for navigating those April showers! As always, no appointment necessary!


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