9 Winter Weather Safety Tips Drivers Must Know

9 Winter Weather Safety Tips | Jiffy Lube of IndianaThe best protection against driving in dangerous winter weather is to be prepared. Here are nine of our favorite winter weather safety tips to keep you and your vehicle safe and warm this winter.

  1. Tires: Test your tire pressure frequently. A mere drop of 10 degrees can lower your pressure by 1 to 2 psi.
  2. Wiper Blades: Check wiper blade edges for cracks, brittleness, or rounded edges. Replace your conventional blades with snow blades if it makes sense for your driving conditions.
  3. Extra Weight: Consider adding extra weight in your trunk or truck bed. Be sure the weight is secured and can’t shift during sudden stops. Bags of sand are good weight sources and also handy if you need to sprinkle it on ice for extra traction.
  4. Gas Tank: Keep your gas tank at least half full. The extra volume reduces the chance of moisture problems in the fuel system. It also adds helpful weight to your vehicle.
  5. Snow Removal: Scrape ice and snow from each and every window, mirror, headlight and brake light. Scrape every area. Every time.
  6. Shoes: After you finish scraping, remove the ice and snow from your shoes. As things melt, it creates more moisture, which can cause windows to fog.
  7. Reduce Fog: If your windshield does fog, switch the air recirculation to OFF. This brings in drier, fresh air. In a pinch, you can also use your air conditioner as a quick dehumidifier.
  8. Emergency Kit: Prepare an emergency kit to keep in your vehicle. Include items suck as a blanket, extra clothes, bottled water, non-perishable snacks, and a rope for towing.
  9. Preventative Maintenance: Bring your vehicle in for service to your nearest local Jiffy Lube.  As part of our SignatureService Oil Change, we check the fluids, belts, hoses, filters, and other vital parts of your vehicle needed to keep you and your family safe on the road.

Jiffy Lube of Indiana is always here to help. If you have any questions or concerns, stop by your local Jiffy Lube. Our qualified technicians are happy to help you get your vehicle ready for the Holidays.

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