• 20% Off Headlight Cleaning!

      Don’t drive around with cloudy headlights! There’s still time to get 20% off headlight cleaning on both lights (through August 31, 2017)! Cloudy or yellowed headlights can be expensive to replace and can reduce your nighttime visibility by an estimated 50%. It used to be that in order to fix lights that had deteriorated

  • Are Your Headlights Cloudy Or Yellowed?

      When vehicle headlights are made, the manufacturer applies a coating over the polycarbonate plastic lenses to protect them. This coating is very effective in protecting the headlight. However, after years of assault from dirt, ultraviolet rays, road debris, and acid rain, the original coating wears down. When this happens, the polycarbonate plastic is exposed

  • 6 Amazing Indiana Road Trips

    Explore your state and take a weekend road trip. No matter your interests – historic, athletic, family-friendly, etc. – there are plenty of worthwhile destinations right here in Indiana. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • Become a Preferred Guest

    Want to be the first to know about our best discounts, special deals, and perks like concert tickets? Become a “Preferred Guest” by signing up for our newsletter! Throughout the year, we sponsor many community outreach activities such as concerts at Klipsch Music Center, Children’s Museum events, and community mural painting days. We always share

  • 3 Questions to Ask Your Auto Technician

      Your vehicle is a big investment. Don’t let just anyone work on it. Get to know your auto service professional. Here are some questions to get you started.

  • 17 Things to Put In Your Emergency Car Kit

    It’s the perfect time to stock your car emergency kit. Put these items on your shopping list now to avoid getting caught unprepared during winter weather. You may even already own many of these items. Of course, be sure to assemble your personal kit based on the needs of your own climate and travel activities.

  • Real Questions about Jiffy Lube: Answered

    Most FAQs articles are thinly veiled advertising fodder. But Jiffy Lube of Indiana isn’t your typical oil change shop, so this isn’t a typical FAQs post. We took some of the REAL reasons people give for not wanting to visit Jiffy Lube and posed them to Steve Sanner (Owner, Jiffy Lube of Indiana) and Lonnie

  • Air Filters – Are They Really That Important?

    Every time you press your gas pedal, you control not only the fuel, but also the air that passes through your filter and enters your engine. Yet, you would be surprised at the number of people that think air filters are no big deal and don’t need proper preventative maintenance.

  • Tailgating Maintenance Tips

    Colorful leaves and cooler weather are great, but the thing we most look forward to in fall is enjoying every single moment of tailgating season! After packing up the car with all your snacks, friends and family, the last thing you want is a breakdown. So before you hit the road with your precious cargo, make

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