There are many different reasons why Indiana area residents have made Jiffy Lube their preventive maintenance service center of choice.  We invented the drive-in bay, the notification sticker, we provide fast, valuable service, and yes, we are experts at what we do.   We thought it best to share some of the comments, e-mails and stories that our customers share with us as they provide the best testimonial for why you should choose Indiana Jiffy Lube.

Customer Story
“I want to give a specific compliment to a very nice man named Brian who let me in a few minutes before open, just to top off my engine coolant. He gave top-notch customer service; I was in and out in under about 10 minutes. And because all I had requested was a look at my engine coolant, he let me go free of charge! I wanted to charge my card and give him a nice tip seeing as how I had no cash, but he said that unfortunately I could not do that, so here I am writing out a compliment barely an hour later. Hopefully Brian can get reimbursed because that was definitely the best customer service I’ve had in a long time.”

[hr]Leave Worry Behind
Jiffy Lube knows that changing your oil is not enough to keep your ride running right, safe and on the road. That is why our mission is to provide Indiana drivers with expert preventive maintenance services like the Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change, which enhances the reliability and longevity of a vehicle as it focuses on four key areas: Change, Inspect, Check/Fill and Clean.

Why Jiffy Lube?

Because we LOVE cars and our technicians are ready to service your vehicle with the same attention, care and quality they give to their own vehicles.

See what’s included in a Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change

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