Rules for Teen Drivers!

Your child has waited a long time for his or her driver’s license and that time has finally arrived. Driving will change the way your child looks at the world and it will change your life forever.

Safety is the most important consideration when it comes to new drivers, but there is more to it than merely knowing the laws. Here are some tips you can share with your child to help her become a true “roads scholar.”

Stay Focused

We never stop becoming better drivers; we build up our experience every time we hit the road. It’s especially important that your first few years as a driver are spent concentrating on the road, keeping distractions to an absolute minimum. Here are some practical ways to stay focused:

  • Keep the volume of your radio or CD player low enough so you can hear the sounds of the traffic around you.
  • If you’re driving with passengers, ask them to keep their conversation to a minimum so you can concentrate on driving safely.
  • Cell phones are a great convenience, but they can be dangerous when you take your eye off the road to dial a number or answer a call. If your call can’t wait until you’ve reached your destination, pull over to the side of the road so you don’t become distracted.
  • Don’t eat while you’re driving. Looking for a lost french fry between the seats is a recipe for disaster.

Passengers and the Speed Limit

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports teenagers accounted for 10 percent of the US population in 2005 and 12 percent of motor vehicle crash deaths.

Watching your speed becomes even more important when you have passengers in the vehicle. The Insurance Institute reports that most crashes involving young drivers result from driver error, speeding, and/or tailgating.

Remember, along with the privilege of driving comes the responsibility for you, your passengers, and others sharing the road.

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