Summer Car Care: Summer Items

Summer officially begins tomorrow, which means temperatures will continue to rise and so will the stress on your vehicle. Jiffy Lube of Indiana has your back this summer and is here to help get you and your car through the upcoming hot summer days. Over the next few weeks, this blog will be highlighting summer car care tips to help get you through summer. First up on our list: vital items to keep in your vehicle this summer.

Items to keep in your vehicle this summer:

  • Properly inflated spare tire.
  • Emergency Kit. Include a flashlight, batteries, flares, tire puncture repair kit, jumper cables, blankets, extra clothes, gloves, paper towels, and some tools for your vehicle (wrenches, a ratchet and sockets, screwdrivers, and pliers).
  • First aid kit. Remember to add sunscreen and some general medication.
  • Extra water for drinking and for your vehicle.
  • A steering wheel cover and a towel to keep your steering wheel and seat cool when it’s parked in the sun.
  • Snacks (granola bars, crackers, etc.).
  • Always have a cell phone in case of emergency.

Here are some items that you should not leave in your vehicle during the summer:

  • Anything packaged under pressure (hair spray, soda, etc.).
  • DVDs or CDs.
  • Crayons, candy, chapstick or lipstick.
  • Credit cards and other plastic cards.
  • If you go shopping, make sure to remove all the items from your vehicle. Food will quickly go bad when left in a hot vehicle.
  • Cleaning solutions with alcohol or ammonia.

If you take these simple steps this summer, you will be prepared for anything that happens on the road. Jiffy Lube of Indiana is also here to help your vehicle get through summer. Stop on by for preventative maintenance to keep your vehicle running strong all summer long.

Photo Credit: “Crinity”

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