• 7 Fall Car Care To-Dos

      Fall is a great time for more than pumpkins and raking leaves. It’s also an important season for your car or truck’s preventative maintenance. All of those summer road trips and treks to the pool or beach can do a number on your vehicle. Now’s the time to pay attention to your vehicle needs.

  • Which Lane Do You Use To Pass?

      There are two kind of drivers – those that pass on the left and those that shouldn’t be driving. On interstates in the United States, it’s not only common practice, but also law in most states, that the left lane is used for faster-moving traffic. Those driving in the left-hand lane should yield to

  • Is Parallel Parking a Lost Art?

    If you believe everything you read, we’ll all be riding in driverless cars soon and knowing how to parallel park will become obsolete. However, unless you have stacks of cash sitting around right now, your teenager probably still needs to put in the time to actually practice and learn how to parallel park. Many of

  • Is it Still Important to Learn to Drive Stick?

      Since the late 1980’s, there has been a steady decline of vehicles manufactured with manual transmission. Car enthusiasts will tell you this is a tragedy. Manual transmission vehicles were well-loved for several reasons including, lower vehicle purchase price, greater fuel economy, better driving control, and just more fun. Given how common automatics have become,

  • 3 Signs You Need A Tire Rotation

    If you were to leave all your tires in the same four corners of your vehicle, year after year, the tires would undoubtedly wear unevenly. The weight of any vehicle isn’t perfectly distributed. Therefore, uneven wear is unavoidable. That’s why regular tire rotation is so important.

  • How to Jump a Car in 8 Steps

      Ever experienced that sinking feeling in your stomach? You need to be somewhere so you go to start your car. You slip the key into the ignition. You turn the key and then, nothing. No noise. No lights. No ignition. Your battery is dead and you aren’t going anywhere. We’ve all made the mistake

  • Beyond the Oil Change: Windshield Services

    There are two types of vehicles. Ones whose windshields or wiper blades need serviced to improve visibility, and those that will soon need serviced.

  • Spring Break: How to Roadtrip Responsibly

    Ahhh, Spring Break! That annual opportunity to enjoy warmer temps and a much-needed break from the daily grind. It also means millions of additional drivers hitting the roads. In fact, Orbitz estimates that in 2015, 55% of college students planned to travel for Spring Break. Of those students travelling, nearly 50% intended to drive.

  • Driving Safety Tips

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every day in the United States, “more than nine people are killed and more than 1,153 people are injured in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver.”

  • What to Do if you Hit a Pothole

    It’s already happening. Potholes are starting to pop up all over our streets. No matter how hard you try to avoid them, sometimes it just can’t be helped. What do you do if you are ill-fated enough to run over one of those unfortunate things? Here’s a quick checklist to keep on hand.

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