• Car Care Free Booklet!

    We ran across this link to a site called www.carcare.org. They offer valuable information for your car, and even a booklet at no extra cost.  Visit the link to find out more.

  • Visiting Your Technician

    Every car owner should get to know a technician they can trust. And yes, they are out there. These are the people who know that trust is a vital component of the automotive maintenance and repair business. Trust, along with quality, timely and affordable work is vital to building repeat business for their service center.

  • Rules for Teen Drivers!

    Your child has waited a long time for his or her driver’s license and that time has finally arrived. Driving will change the way your child looks at the world and it will change your life forever. Safety is the most important consideration when it comes to new drivers, but there is more to it

  • Fleet Maintenance and Savings on Us!

    Here are 7 solid reasons to choose Jiffy Lube for your fleet maintenance:

  • Summer Travel Season; Take a Vacation!

    Follow these tips to prepare your vehicle for what lies on the road ahead.

  • First Look

    What’s better, on an idle Tuesday, than a first look at a slick new BMW?  If you buy it, make sure you baby it correctly by taking it in to Jiffy Lube for regularly scheduled SSOC’s.  Coupons below.

  • Battery Maintenance, Plus Indy Coupons!

    The battery supplies electrical power to the starter, along with the rest of the electrical components of the vehicle, which is necessary to start the engine. When the engine starts running, the charging system takes over to provide electricity to the various vehicle electrical systems. The battery cable terminals connect the battery to the electrical

  • State Inspections

    Many states and/or local authorities require inspection and/or various tests to determine if the vehicle meets state and local vehicle safety and/or emission standards. Jiffy Lube technicians expertly perform state and /or locally defined vehicle inspection and/or emissions testing. Please note: Not all Jiffy Lube® service centers offer Inspections and Emissions Testing. Please call ahead

  • Jiffy Lube Pledge!

    Quality at Every Turn.

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