• Maintenance Tips: Tires

    Under- or over-inflation of tires can: cause uneven tread wear weaken your tires reduce traction impact gas mileage reduce the number of miles you get out of your tires

  • 6 Driving Tips for Carpoolers

    Before trucking the kids around town, parents need to make sure their vehicles are operating safely. These quick tips will help ensure your vehicle is ready to keep up with the kids’ busy schedules. From Jiffylube.com.

  • 100 Years Ago, This is What Your Front Wheel Looked Like

    Personally, I’m astounded how far we’ve come in a relatively short 100 years.  Entirely fascinating.

  • Have a Special Occasion Coming Up?

    Jiffy Lube Gift Cards® are a great choice for giving to family, friends or just for you! Birthdays, Anniversaries and Holidays are just a few ideas for giving this one of a kind gift card. Purchase Now Benefits of the Jiffy Lube Gift Card® Include: No expiration date or fees The gift card can be set for

  • Keeping Your Ride Alive

    Did you know that many cars on the road are over 110,000 miles or over? That’s the best reason of all to Keep Your Ride Alive. This can best be done by taking advantage of Jiffy Lube’s outstanding service maintenance.  

  • Insider Discounts for Loyal Jiffy Lube Customers!

    Jiffy Lube has now consolidated all it’s most valuable money-saving coupons on a variety of services. This is the place to find the best Jiffy Lube coupons. Think of it as a “members only” site for those of you smart enough to take advantage of these Insider Discounts. http://jiffylubediscounts.com

  • Movies and Oil Change Savings?! Believe it!

    Gear up for the race of a lifetime When you purchase the digitally restored Blu-ray™ or DVD of Steve McQueen’s iconic 1971 film Le Mans, you’ll receive a coupon for $7 off your next Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change. It’s a great benefit for you and your car-even if you don’t plan to drive in a

  • Car Care Free Booklet!

    We ran across this link to a site called www.carcare.org. They offer valuable information for your car, and even a booklet at no extra cost.  Visit the link to find out more.

  • Visiting Your Technician

    Every car owner should get to know a technician they can trust. And yes, they are out there. These are the people who know that trust is a vital component of the automotive maintenance and repair business. Trust, along with quality, timely and affordable work is vital to building repeat business for their service center.

  • Rules for Teen Drivers!

    Your child has waited a long time for his or her driver’s license and that time has finally arrived. Driving will change the way your child looks at the world and it will change your life forever. Safety is the most important consideration when it comes to new drivers, but there is more to it

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