• Holiday Travel Season Isn’t Over Just Yet….

    Let’s face it; you’re probably going to have to do more traveling before the holidays are over. Bringing your pets along is sometimes a necessity. If you’re planning a trip with Fido, here’s what you can do to help make the trip safe and enjoyable.  (Note:  It is definitely NOT recommended for you to put

  • Take a Christmas Drive and See the Sights….

    Jiffy Lube of Indiana wants to extend warm wishes to all our clientele this holiday season.  And in the spirit of driving and the holidays, invite you to get in the car and enjoy some of the state’s most spectacular light shows, from the warmth of your own vehicle.  Follow the links for more information,

  • Understand Your Vehicle

    In order to fully appreciate why your car needs regular preventive maintenance from Jiffy Lube, one needs first to understand how their vehicle works.  Jiffylube.com has an interactive feature that helps break down your car and it’s parts.  To explore, click on the link below.

  • Tips for traveling this Holiday Season

    The highways will be crowded this holiday season with drivers making their way to holiday feasts, shopping malls and family visits. If you’re planning a trip with children, here are four tips to make the drive safe and enjoyable:

  • Come Visit Us!

    Find an Indiana Jiffy Lube service center near you for a Signature Service Oil Change, or one of our many other services.  They can include (but are not always offered at all locations): Signature Service Oil Change Automatic Transmission Service Cabin Air Filter Replacement Differential Service Engine Air Filter Replacement Fuel Filter Replacement Radiator Antifreeze/Coolant

  • Let a Jiffy Lube SSOC Make Your Holiday Travel Safer

    If you are planning to leave town–and statistics show Americans are hitting the roads this season in droves–make sure your car is safe.  Just in time for the holiday, Jiffy Lube is offering a discount for Indiana area customers to receive the legendary Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change (SSOC).  If you need more motivation,

  • Indiana State Police Want You to be Safe This Holiday

    The state of Indiana wants, and expects, you to drive safely this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend.  Jiffy Lube of Indiana encourages you to stay sober and keep your car maintained for optimum driving conditions.

  • The Gift of Maintenance

    Okay, so, maybe we can’t all realistically afford to give brand new cars to our loved ones for Christmas.  But we can all do the next best thing:  preventive maintenance.  Give gift cards (at www.jiffylube.com) for those in your life who own a car they’d like to keep well-maintained and driving long into the future.

  • Have You Changed Your Oil Recently?

    Here are three valuable Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change coupons to help get you on your way this holiday season!

  • Have a safe and fun Halloween, from your local Indiana Jiffy Lubes

    The chill is in the air. Orange is the dominant color and kids are beginning to think of their plans for October 31st. Before you go out shopping for costumes and buying bags of candy this year, spend a few minutes planning the night ahead.

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