Quality Fuel at the Gas Station

Your vehicle thrives on clean, quality fuel. If you are unfortunate enough to fill up your vehicle with dirty fuel or fuel that has not been mixed properly, your fuel filter can clog and your vehicle’s mpg and performance can take a nose dive. Here are some tips to help you always get the best out of your fuel.

Find a gas station you can trust:
The quality of gasoline can change from gas station to gas station. Some stations don’t change their pump filters regularly and some don’t even have pump filters. There are also stations that don’t mix their fuel and alcohol properly and some that even water down their gasoline. Whatever you do, don’t get fooled into purchasing an inferior product that will hurt your vehicle’s performance, mpg, and clog your fuel filters. Do your research and make sure to ask your gas station directly about their policy on filtering their fuel at the pump.

Don’t pull in if you see a gas tanker:
When gas tankers fill up a gas station’s underground tanks, sediment sitting at the bottom of the tanks gets stirred around. If you fill up during or after a tanker is filling the tanks, the sediment can make its way to the pumps and into your vehicle. This can clog filters, injectors and hurt your vehicle’s performance. So, if you see a tanker, go to a different gas station or come back the next day.

As always, Jiffy Lube of Indiana has your back. When your fuel filter becomes clogged/dirty, then stop on by your nearest Jiffy Lube of Indiana location for a Jiffy Lube Fuel Filter Replacement. Our highly trained technicians will get your vehicle back on the road in no time at all.

Photo Credit: “Hakan Dahlstrom”

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