Maintaining Your Battery

Everything starts with your battery. There is nothing worse than a dead battery when you’re somewhere in the desert or remote mountains of Utah. If your 12 volt car battery doesn’t answer the call every time you need it, then it’s time to take action because you won’t get far with a dead battery. Whether, your car needs a full battery replacement or just some clean battery terminals, Jiffy Lube has a battery service that will help your car to remain a self-starter.

The battery supplies electrical power to the starter, along with the rest of the electrical components of the vehicle, which is necessary to start the engine. When the engine starts running, the charging system takes over to provide electricity to the various vehicle electrical systems.

A vehicle battery has several important functions, some of which are:

  • providing power to the starter motor, ignition system, fuel system, and other electrical devices during engine starting
  • storing energy
  • providing power to the electronic components as required when the vehicle is off (e.g., digital radios, clocks, door locks, alarms, vehicle computers, etc)

Jiffy Lube offers a full line of battery maintenance and preventive services.

1. Battery Replacement

  • Replacing a defective battery helps ensure your vehicle will start when you need it.

2. Battery Terminal Cleaning

  • A thorough cleaning followed by the addition of a protective coating maximizes the performance of your vehicle’s battery.
3. Battery Terminal Replacement
  • Replacing worn/faulty battery terminals to help maximize the performance of your vehicle’s battery.

4. Battery Diagnostic

  • Tests the battery and charging system components.
  • Early detection of battery problems helps to ensure your vehicle will start when you need it.

Visit a Jiffy Lube of Indiana today and have a Jiffy Lube technician make sure your battery is running at maximum strength, and not at risk of dying.

Photo Credit: “AlishaV”

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